Bits & Pieces

The following is a selection of standalone material, small projects, and discreet bits and pieces of larger projects.

Más Homo Menos Plomo

This project explored the linocut printmaking technique and uses it as an activist tool. The theme for the project was Equal Marriage in Colombia, which was a topic at the forefront of the political stage at the moment.

For context, "Dar Plomo"  and  "Echar Plomo" are Colombian expressions to say shooting, killing with gunfire. 

Therefore,  the message can be paraphrased as More Equality, Less Violence.

Also, the colors of the Colombian flag are yellow, blue, and red.

These prints were exhibited during "TRANSGRESSION: Breaking the Norms of Gender and Sexuality” at the CCSC Art Gallery and Jack Adams Hall in San Francisco. (2014)

More coming soon!