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¡Hola! I am Laura Cerón Melo (she/they).
I am a queer designer from Colombia. 
My professional practice sits at the intersection of design, art, and activism + advocacy.
I leverage my expertise in graphic & visual design, and communications strategy to support my growth as a social designer. 
I feel passionate about social justice, honest and vulnerable relationships, collaboration, and spiritual growth

I’m interested in the capacity of design to understand, reimagine and create new systems, and its power to communicate social imperatives, challenge the status quo, and foster individual and collective healing. I believe art is a life-giving act and expression. 

In my life and professional practices I strive to use my ever-growing skills, knowledge, and awareness of my power and privilege to create understanding; build capacity and resilience in communities and organizations; act and design responsibly and sustainably.
I am committed to the common good, aiming to minimize harm, alleviate suffering, and make life easier and happier.
I moved from my hometown of Bogotá to San Francisco, CA in 2012, and later relocated to Brooklyn, NY in 2018.
I have worked in-house and independently as a graphic/visual designer and communications strategist in the non-profit sector (social services and arts), the publishing industry, and the startup arena. 
I hold a bachelor’s degree in Design with concentrations in Communications Design and Product Design; certificates in Print Media, and Marketing; and an MFA in Design for Social Innovation from the School of Visual Arts (NYC).

I'm honored to be an awardee of the Artist Employment Program from Creatives Rebuild New York. Thanks to it, I currently work at The Fortune Society as Teaching Artist and Arts Strategist. I also teach at the Design for Social Innovation MFA. 

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