© 2019 by Laura Cerón Melo.

Hello! I am Laura Cerón Melo (she/her).

I am a queer designer from Colombia. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Design with concentrations in Communications Design and Product Design, and certificates in Print Media, and Marketing.

Throughout my career, I've worked as a visual/graphic designer, communications strategist, art director among many other hats with a range of organizations, from fashion and materials tech startups to human services and social justice nonprofit organizations to artivist collectives.

I feel passionate about social justice, honest and vulnerable relationships, collaboration, spiritual growth as an essential aspect of human wellbeing, and the power of art as a life-saving act and expression. I am committed to alleviating suffering and to the common good, to make life easier and happier.

I moved from my hometown of Bogotá to San Francisco, CA in 2012 and later relocated to Brooklyn, NY in 2018.

I currently attend the School of Visual Arts at the MFA Design for Social Innovation and work as a freelancer.