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Research & Strategy Projects


Art Portal is an art-centered platform co-created with The Fortune Society's community members that seeks to elevate their voices and artwork, raise awareness about the important role of art and community in the reentry and criminal legal systems, and advocate for changing the narrative about people with justice involvement.

How might we grow a deeper connection between the Design Justice Network’s members to support their needs, while also building systems to make membership sustainable for the organization?

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A "language matters" zine co-created with The Fortune Society's community members. It is an appeal for people to learn about the use of humanizing - person-first - language and suggests word choices when communicating about people affected by the (in)justice system.

100 Days Action is a Bay Area artist collective that produces creative resistance projects to build community at the intersection of art, activism, and social engagement. The collective collaborates with artists on exhibitions, performances, protests, and group actions that stand against bigotry, racism, sexism, and the destruction of the environment. 

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Moving homes is one of the most stressful experiences. Moving to a place that feels wrong is the worst. We sought to help people who are moving to relocate to neighborhoods that feel right, and that align with their needs and wants.

How can we provide all of GLIDE’s constituents with the information they require to successfully navigate the organization in a way that is accessible to all, and that is also easy for the organization to maintain?

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